Thursday, August 7, 2014


"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." - Aristotle 

Now just keep saying this all semester...

What's In My School Bag

     I still go for the classic backpack. It fits everything I need and carries the weight evenly on both shoulders.  

The basics:
  • The highlighters are for note taking and key points 
  • The pencils are for test taking
  • The pens are for note taking
  • The colored pens are for detailed note taking and visual aids for notes/math work
  • These artist erasers work so much better than the ones that come with your pencils. They are a life saver for tests!
     I keep a small folder for important papers, homework, etc. I also have a small notebook for important dates and homework assignments. 

     The schedule my college provides comes on a really important document that I have to keep in my filing cabinet. Therefore I make my own class schedule to keep in my folder.

     I keep one notebook for each regular class and Graph Composition books for my math classes.

     Each class has its own demand for how organized you need to be. The more advanced classes tend to have a lot more information to keep track of. So in that case I get more detailed with my note taking and I like to assign a color to each major theme (ex: this is going to be on a test). I keep it all on an index card for reference. 

     I just got my first iPad, I am excited to try out the education apps on it!

     Music helps me enjoy the task I am doing so I usually bring my iPod and headphones.

     If I remember I like to bring quarters and dollar bills in case I need some caffeine from the vending machine (for night classes) or from our local coffee shop (for morning classes). I always keep a forever handy thumb drive, especially for presentations and note taking on the computer. Mints (or gum) helps me wake up and focus on a task so I try to keep those in my school bag as well.

     There are other things I throw in there but this covers the basics, hope you enjoyed!

Have a lovely day! xoxo, Chloé

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What I'm Reading

For my birthday I treated myself to these lovely books.

The Synopsis: Everything is chosen for you. The ones in power assign people their partners, children (the perfect amount: one boy, one girl), and their career path. Nobody questions it, except one. He is who the book is based around. 

     I am highly intrigued by this book and cannot wait to read it. This book challenges the idea of peace. In a nutshell: wars happen because of different perspectives. The two sides could not make a civil agreement and so they fight until there is a winner. The idea behind this book is that life is not so black and white. Without war does not necessarily come peace. With peace does not necessarily bring resolve to all issues. 

     In the book, the people in power decided to make everyone's decisions for them to reduce conflict and to encourage peace. For a while it works. However with this peace comes apathy. The people become contented, lacking ambition, passion, and independence. Everything runs too smoothly and everyone becomes a sheep, no longer making decisions or breakthroughs as individuals. Without individualism or motivation life becomes purposeless. 

     In conclusion, this book has some serious mind food and I am thrilled to get to read it!

     This is the first book in a mystery series by my favorite author Charlaine Harris. I love her books because they have a grounded perspective on bold ideas. Her characters usually have well-rounded outlooks when their worlds topple over. There is always suspense, romance, and a little bit of sass. 

     Shakespeare's Landlord is about a woman trying to outrun her past but it catches up to her. She must try and uncover the mystery of her dead landlord or she may get killed. Not the most original story line, but Ms. Harris is always great at giving a fresh perspective on things. I am excited to read it!

     This is another book by my favorite author, Charlaine Harris. A Secret Rage is one of her few stand alone books. A former model moves in with her best friend to pursue a college degree and become a writer. However even though her plans are pure the town she lives in is not. Before she knows it she is caught up in a string of violent murders. Surely there will be classic Harris twists involved. Should be a good one!

Hoping you all have a lovely day! xoxo, Chloé